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A unique Danish design: Elegant and high quality bioethanol fireplaces for modern homes.

Le Feu is the leading brand manufacturer for bioethanol fireplaces in the Scandinavian region and is finally also available in Switzerland!

The design of the Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces follows the Scandinavian design traditions.

The chimneys are closed and 100% environmentally friendly and smoke free. They provide a cosy warmth and a pleasant room climate.

Thanks to the combination of high quality standards for bioethanol fireplaces with a special focus on Scandinavian design, the Le Feu fireplaces are ideal for modern living.

The collection reflects the demands on an attractive and contemporary design of your own home. It has never been so easy to have a pleasant open fire at home, on your balcony or in your garden- and all in an environmentally friendly way.

All Le Feu designs are based on the Scandinavian principle of combining functionality and timelessness. The combination of these two results in a product that is minimalistic, cosy and elegant. It is very ‘hygge style’!

The chimneys seem to almost float in the room and arise a unique, magical spatial experience.

The best thing is that Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces do not require any complex assembly. Once unpacked, it only takes about 10 minutes until the fireplace is ready for use.

Le Feu Ground Steel

The minimalist base and the clear lines give the Le Feu Ground Steel its simple elegance but is trend-oriented and stylish at the same time!

The ground steel fire appears almost as if raised on a pedestal, while the flames inside the combustion chamber flicker slowly and calmly. The room is wrapped in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

The curved shape and the elegant design of the bio fireplace fit into the stylish home and make for an impressive eye-catcher. Like the Ground Wood model, the Ground Steel model can be used both indoors and outdoors and is also portable.

Enjoy a good glass of wine on your terrace or dream away with a good book on the couch - the Le Feu Ground Steel is the perfect companion. The chimney blends in perfectly with any interior style.

The Le Feu Ground Steel consists of a dome combustion chamber, a burner and a steel base.

* Base plate: Ø 450 x 5 mm cold-rolled steel

* Rod: Ø 25 x 800 mm brushed steel

* Total height: 115 cm

* Total weight: 28.8 kg

* Size: 52 x 115 cm

* Bioethanol not included.

* The white domes includes a heating shield to avoid discoloring

Please mention in the comments section which color combination of the steel base plate and rod you would like to order.

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