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A unique Danish design: Elegant and high quality bioethanol fireplaces for modern homes.

Le Feu is the leading brand manufacturer for bioethanol fireplaces in the Scandinavian region and is finally also available in Switzerland!

The design of the Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces follows the Scandinavian design traditions.

The chimneys are closed and 100% environmentally friendly and smoke free. They provide a cosy warmth and a pleasant room climate.

Thanks to the combination of high quality standards for bioethanol fireplaces with a special focus on Scandinavian design, the Le Feu fireplaces are ideal for modern living.

The collection reflects the demands on an attractive and contemporary design of your own home. It has never been so easy to have a pleasant open fire at home, on your balcony or in your garden- and all in an environmentally friendly way!

All Le Feu designs are based on the Scandinavian principle of combining functionality and timelessness. The combination of these two results in a product that is minimalistic, cosy and elegant. It is very ‘hygge style’!

The chimneys seem to almost float in the room and arise a unique, magical spatial experience.

The best thing is that Le Feu bioethanol fireplaces do not require any complex assembly. Once unpacked, it only takes about 10 minutes until the fireplace is ready for use.

LE FEU SKY - an eye catcher!

The Le Feu Sky bioethanol fireplace is characterized by an unobtrusive ceiling suspension. Because of its lightness, its elegance and the rounded dome, the fireplace almost seems to float in the room. It spreads a pleasant warmth and takes up next to no space.


The best of Le Feu Sky: The bioethanol designer fireplace in this version can be rotated horizontally by 360 Degrees!

How long should the pole be?

There is a height-adjustable mounting for the Le Feu Sky possible. We recommend the Le Feu Sky hanging about 60cm to 80cm above the ground.

* Poles are available in lengths of 120 CM and 140CM.

For particularly high ceilings (e.g. in old buildings) extension rods can be connected to the lengths 50cm and 100cm can be added.

Please mention the required pole length in the comments section of the order.

You can also mention in the comments section if you want the rod in black or aluminium color.

The ceiling suspension consists of two parts:

- The ceiling plate is made of brushed sheet steel SS304 Ø 150x5mm with machined thread connection for M10-screws.

- The rod is made of Ø 25mm SS304 brushed steel with machined thread connection for M10


Total distance from the ceiling: 175 cm (standard bar 140 cm)

* Weight: approx. 26.5 KG (fireplace incl. burner) plus accessories (rod, legs or wall bracket)

* Bioethanol not included.

* The white domes includes a heating shield to avoid discoloring

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