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My name is Minou and it means ‘the garden of Eden’, a heavenly place.​

Minou Surber owner of Eden Spaces Interior Design & Styling


​I was born in Holland.  It is a cold country but with warm and cozy homes. We do not have a lot of space but possess the ability to make anything out of small spaces.


The Dutch interiors are varied, trendy, and often creative but living in Switzerland made me appreciate the timeless character of interiors too. 


My travels to exotic places such as Jamaica, South Africa, and Indonesia as well as to many European destinations provided me with abundant inspiration for interior design.

Over the past years, my passion for real estate, beautiful interiors, and good design grew more and more and I decided to take the step; start working as an interior designer and sharing my ideas and passion!


With Eden Spaces I create harmonic interiors that show the personality of those who live or work in them.

When designing or styling a space, I like to take the best of different worlds. Eden Spaces works on projects for residential clients, property developers, and business owners who want to create practical and uplifting spaces.


Let me help you transform your ‘spaces’ into Eden Spaces!

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