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Real Estate Staging. Home Staging. Property styling. Modern bedroom.

Real Estate Staging  


With our 'Staging' service we create depersonalized spaces for the sale of residential and commercial properties. Real Estate Staging is the preparation of real estate for selling. It aims for an optimal presentation of the property, which leads to faster and more successful sales. It is the first step in the selling process.

Through various measures such as the use of furniture, decoration, and light in all rooms, staging makes the strengths of the property visible and creates an ambiance that makes interested parties envision living there much better. 

The focus with Real Estate Staging is on furniture arrangements that enhance traffic flow and may give ideas regarding items that will help increase the appearance of your property. 

And this makes the process for both the seller and buyer much smoother and less stressful. 

If the property has been correctly priced in advance, price increases of up to 15% are no exception.

Source: SVHR.

The Association for Home Staging, Real Estate Staging and Redesign in Zürich and German-speaking Switzerland.


Interior Staging

The Process

First consultancy at location

Understanding the needs of the potential buyers, tenants or guests

Taking pictures and measurements

Suggestions for small structural changes, maintenance, decluttering and small repairs

Budgeting, define Purchase or Rental furniture list

Organising of furniture and materials

Coordination of partners involved (carpenter, painter, electrician, deliveries, etc.)


Professional photo shoot for portfolio


Surber Immobilien. Real Estate Agency Zürich.

Selling your property with Surber Immobilien includes a 4-hour Staging Consultation by Eden Spaces.

Staging Applications


Real Estate

Commercial Spaces / Offices

Vacation rentals to increase the bookings and guests’ experiences.

Events, for instance ‘barn-weddings’ or company events in a special setting

Exhibition booths

Pop-up stores

Home Staging by Eden Spaces


Home Staging Professional 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign. DGHR.
Schweizer Verband für Home Staging und Redisgn. SVHR.
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