In the many years that I worked as a relocation specialist, I have seen countless houses and apartments in Switzerland. I often felt how important it actually is to first declutter and freshen up a property before putting it on the real estate market and showing it to potential buyers or tenants.

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’.


Only about 20% of all people can envision a room in a way other than the existing one and for most people it is difficult to grasp the dimensions of a room when it is completely empty. Potential buyers or tenants can also be deterred by too many personal belongings of the seller. And dark rooms, overgrown gardens or unkempt hallways are often the reason why the sales or rental process stagnates.

When staging, Eden Spaces creates an atmosphere of universal appeal where the goal is to sell or rent out the property more swiftly and maximize the profit.

Staging reduces sales times by half compared to non staged properties and commonly increases sales with about 10%.

Source: Swiss Association for Home Staging and Redesign




First consultancy at location

Understanding the needs of the potential buyers, tenants or guests

Taking pictures and measurements

Suggestions for small structural changes, maintenance, decluttering and small repairs

Budgeting, define Purchase or Rental furniture list

Organising of furniture and materials

Coordination of partners involved (carpenter, painter, electrician, deliveries, etc.)


Professional photo shoot for portfolio


Staging Applications


Real Estate

Commercial Spaces / Offices

Vacation rentals to increase the bookings and guests’ experiences.

Events, for instance ‘barn-weddings’ or company events in a special setting

Exhibition booths

Pop-up stores

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