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Decor Trends happening in 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Happy new year! Craving for simplicity, warmth, nostalgia, and nature?

These are exactly interior trends for 2022.

Sustainable furniture materials, such as mycelium leather (mushrooms) or recycled PET bottles are used for furniture and we are looking at more sustainable wood. Mango wood for instance, because this is a by-product of fruit cultivation. When a mango tree is fully grown, it hardly produces any fruit anymore, making it perfect for use as a type of wood. The interior of 2022 will have lots of natural elements. For example, wooden wall panels that subtle re-appear behind the bed-headboard or cover an entire wall in your living room.

The desire for 'more green' means that we are also more than ever looking for real nature in our homes. We see linen materials, natural earthy tones with a hint of greyish / cloud blue and olive green, and also weathered materials such as bronze and tin. Organic, natural shapes and soft fabrics, such as velour and fluffy teddy textiles (boucle) ensure that you can relax and cocoon at home. The best green for your home is of course the houseplant. This year we will definately find large plants in our homes. From the tropical bird of paradise plant to the extremely strong rubber plant, below are the most beautiful large house plants. Source: VT Wonen

The Elephant Ear owes its name to the huge leaves. The Alocasia, as the plant is officially called, originates from the rainforests of Asia where the leaves are used to shelter from a tropical rain shower. The leaves can have a diameter of up to one and a half meters. Give regularly small amounts of lukewarm water. An Elephant Ear grows towards the light, so turn the plant regularly and give it a place with plenty of sunlight.

The Ficus Elastica, also known as the rubber plant or rubber tree, has thick, leathery leaves. Formerly an important source of rubber in India and Southeast Asia, it is known to us as a houseplant. In the wild, the rubber plant can grow into a huge tree but beware: as a houseplant, it can also reach a few meters in height. The Ficus Elastica likes a permanent, draft-free place in the house. Place it in a bright spot out of direct sunlight. The rubber plant likes regularity: water it once a week and preferably on the same day with the same amount. The plant also likes the occasional spraying, especially in winter when the humidity is less good. If you have pets or small children, then the rubber plant might not be a good idea: the white sap in the leaves is poisonous.

The bird of paradise plant, its official name Strelitzia Reginae, originates from South Africa and is one of the most beautiful large houseplants. It owes its nickname to the shape and color of the flowers. The plant needs a lot of light and water. The leaves of a Strelitzia are slightly poisonous to pets and children.

The coconut palm, officially Cocos Nucifera, does not have an extensive set of requirements and can grow into a huge plant with the right care. The coconut palm brings a tropical flair into your home. The large, glossy leaves grow straight out of the coconut and it grows very quickly. This tropical plant needs high humidity and therefore, the leaves should be sprayed at least once a week. The palm needs a bright spot but not in the blazing and it prefers little water.

The Monstera Deliciosa is very popular and that is not surprising. The 'hole plant', also called 'Swiss Cheese plant', has large, heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 45 cm long and the Monstera only gets better with age.

Moreover, the plant is easy to care for and regularly rewards you with new, fresh green leaves. The Monsetra likes regular watering.

Home office..... Another enduring phenomenon for many seems to be the 'Home Office'. By setting up an inspiring workplace at home, you ensure that working from home becomes efficient and enjoyable. Investing in a nice workplace is therefore not an unnecessary luxury that Eden Spaces would be delighted to help you with!

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