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Dried flowers & Pampas grass

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

It is all over the show, you can not avoid it anymore. Dried flowers for your interior. I must say, as an interior stylist, it actually reminded me too much of grandmas and dusty interiors at first. But last year I noticed all kinds of dried flowers pass by in more and more creative ways and, if well combined with beautiful materials and colors, I can really appreciate dried flowers now.

I like to combine a selection of dried flowers with small branches and my absolute favorite is pampas grass. When walking my dogs the other day, I felt like the luckiest person around when I found freshly cut pampas grass bushes ready for disposal 😃.

You could just put dried flowers in a vase, but there is so much more to do with dried flowers. Here are some inspirational photos of how to style and integrate dried flowers into your interior.

Not only can you play with color, but also with different sizes. Which fits best in your interior depends on your style.

Modern interior: Think of large, long flowers and grasses and colors that best suit your interior. Pampas grasses are the ideal choice in a modern interior. Placed in a large vase next to a sofa or dramatically in front of an empty wall. Country-style interiors and shabby chic styles definitely need dried flowers. Not only in a vase, but also on the wall, or as a wreath in beautiful pastel-colored flowers.

You can frame dried flowers nicely, put them under a glass bell jar or in a small glass tube with cork. Nice wreaths or glass candlesticks with dried flowers are good year-round, also combined with fresh flowers. The DIY options are endless.

And if you need me to style your interior with dried flowers, just let me know, I have a few pampas grass flowers to spare 😉 #pampasgrass #pampasgrasliebe #driedflowers #driedflowersstyle #stylingideas #stylingmyhome #stylinginspiration #homestyling #zurichinterior #zurichinteriors #zurichinteriordesign #zurichinteriordesigner

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