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Upcycling mit Moos

Yes, it's time to work with moss again!

Upcycling one of two wooden mirror pieces. They will be in one solid green color and are intended for a bathroom.

I love it. Even more so when it rains, the smell of the moss in my studio, the view of the garden and the trees and plants that will soon bloom profusely.

Here you can see the work in progress.

When the moss arrives it is intended to be "clean and preserved" and ready to use, but there are still pine needles and dried leaves in the moss, which is not desirable in a work of art. That's why I first clean everything manually and make sure I don't tear the moss pieces too far apart. Then I prepare equal-sized pieces to work with.

When I attach the moss to the mirror, it feels like a little puzzle. I start with rough work and fill in empty spaces as I go.

Between work sessions, I let it dry, shake out the loose pieces, remove dirt, and repair pieces of moss that are out of place. Until I'm satisfied :)

I will also publish the final result here in due course.

Green greetings from my studio,


Eden Spaces Interior Design & Styling

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