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Decor Trends happening in 2024

What’s on the interior menu for next year? 

We love terrazzo, have welcomed wallpaper back into our homes, and are enthusiastic about plastic furniture, but what will 2024 bring to our interiors?



In 2024 you cannot give your interior enough color. From the furniture, and decorations to the walls. The trends of 2024 are happy vibes only!

Using a single hue for a room is out, we see color schemes that mix and match shades and tones. Warm colors such as chocolate brown, but also earthy tones like sage and dark orange are combined with irregularly shaped furniture and retro accents.

Floral and plant motifs in wallpapers will also remain popular (expected to see these wallpapers being installed on ceilings).

And, the real daredevils will opt for bright color accents in 2024.

Artwork girl with the pearl earring and pink bubble gum bubble
Artwork: The girl with the pearl earring

Picture source: Werk aan de Muur

Rustic textures, 'Eau naturale' and curves and edges

Natural colors, organic shapes, and imperfect furniture, known from the Wabisabi and Japandi interior styles, take the edge of too-clean natural interiors and add warmth to living spaces. Distressed woods as well as antique tiles and lots of textures, such as hand-woven textiles, will find their way into our interiors.

A white sofa with organic interior elemens
Interior with texture and layers

Picture source: Zuiver

Organic shapes show no sign of going anywhere in 2024, but this trend will get new shapes and functions within the home. You can think of archways, small indoor chapels, and niches but also more irregularly shaped furniture.

wall shelf on green wall with wooden XL candleholder
Organic wall decoration

Picture Source: Dutchbone

Some icons of design rising in 2024 that go with the natural and organic shapes are for instance Serpentine sofas, De Sede Snake sofas, and Wishbone chairs.

organic shaped sofa
De Sede Snake Sofa

Picture source: De Sede

In lighting, we will see colorful Murano glass pendants and handcrafted Noguchi lamps that follow the traditional methods for Japanese Gifu lanterns.

Conscious selections

Brands that have environmental and social sustainability at the forefront of what they do. Think of recycled ocean plastic, recycled furniture, and better ways of furniture production with less impact on the environment.

sustainable interior, white lounge chair in front of artwork
Conscious furniture selection

Picture source: Ethnicraft

Office trends

Recognizing the importance of employee well-being and individuality, so-called wellness spaces are emerging as a trend in office design.

Expect to see more greenery in office design, natural light, and sustainable materials.

Eden Spaces loves these interior trends! 👍🏼

Have a warm and cozy Christmas season and a happy new year.

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