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Moss Art

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

When I am creating objects with moss, it feels like being in nature itself. I love the smell of it! a bit of a damp forest and the soft touch remains for as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight or direct heat.

Picture source Eden Spaces Interior Design & Styling

The look is great, plants without any care because it is preserved and will stay good for years.

So if you do not have a green thumb or have a lack of time to care for plants in your home, moss art is a fantastic way of greenifying your home.

Picture source Pinterest

In the pictures, you see a few examples for use. If you have a mirror for which you do not see much use anymore or it does not fit your current interior, with moss art you will have a real eye-catcher and piece of art that you will enjoy for many years.

Picture source Eden Spaces Interior Design & Styling

A mirror with the size in the picture takes approximately 7-10 hours to finish and requires about 4-5 KG of preserved reindeer moss. The name is a bit misleading because moss-like in appearance is not moss. Reindeer lichen is a type of algae and important food for reindeer.

There are several colors to be used, either together or individually.

Picture source Eden Spaces Interior Design & Styling

The work can be done on picture frames, part of mirrors, on the frame, or on the mirror itself. You can bring your own piece or have Eden Spaces create a bespoke item for you.

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