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Japandi-Moodboard & Paint Samples

Today I am sharing with you a little bit of project insight, to see that interior planning is not all about making nice plans on a computer!

The style for this interior project is Japandi, which is a style that arose from the fusion of two styles: Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism.

Japanese minimalism focuses on craftsmanship, minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. The Swedish concept of hygge, or warm coziness, is infused with the Japanese wabi-sabi principle, which is about finding beauty in the imperfect.

You will see here the Mood Board for the feeling that we want to create in the interior.

Over the past week, I have been scouting nature for the best twigs and materials to dry, and use later on in the project. And my Monday morning is very hands-on making paint samples.

In good Dutch:'handjes uit te mouwen', and I love it!


I wish you a happy Monday.

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