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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

A snapshot of recent projects by Eden Spaces. Interior design and styling for an apartment in Zürcher Oberland. Having worked abroad for a long time and mainly staying in hotels, this client would like to feel at home in his new apartment, for which the complete interior was required. He likes natural and handmade items and materials, with textures/haptics. Based on Pinterest images and project discussions, the interior styles 'Wabi Sabi' and 'Japandi' are very much in line with the requirements.

Functional Planning

Interior Design

Color Planning

Furniture Planning and styling

In the living room, a room divider made of wooden wall panels was used to separate functions in the living space and to cover up a hole in the wall that was meant for a fireplace. It also covers up a beautiful but rather rustic original beam, which did not match the sought-after interior style.

Made out of the same material, another wall panel was used in the garderobe, and tailor-made wardrobes were put in the dressing room, all connecting the various spaces and creating a harmonic atmosphere.

Another measure to create harmony in the open kitchen and dining area was, wrapping the upper kitchen cabinets, which were dark brown and also rather rustic, with a grey concrete stone look.

By adding natural materials to the existing structure of the apartment, and by using returning natural colors and fabrics, a warm, and harmonic atmosphere was created.

Project timeline 3 months

Re-modeling of a hobby room into a teenager's entertainment space

A house dated 1980 was almost completely renovated except for a spare room downstairs.

In use for storage, a sauna, and some fitness equipment, she liked to transform this room into a HIP&FUN place for her two teenage children.

An entertainment area with a chill-out lounge, a TV corner, and a wet bar.

Space planning

Interior Design & Styling

Furniture planning and installation

The stone floors were replaced by wood-look laminate with underfloor heating.

Walls, ceilings, and window frames were painted. The shower was removed and a small kitchen was installed, in use as a 'wet bar'. New ceiling lights and led lights were installed.

Project timeline: 2 months

Bathroom make over

A total renovation of a bathroom dated 1974.

The room got enlarged by about 1M2 and is now accommodating a walk-in shower, a toilet, a bathtub, a vanity, and a large mirror.

Space planning

Interior Design

Interior Styling

Removing everything in the bathroom, including one sidewall and the ceiling.

Replacing and relocating all water pipes and electrical connections.

Installing new wall tiles, new floors, a new toilet, bathtub, shower, and vanity.

Project timeline: 3-4 months

Real estate staging of a 5.5-room apartment in Zürcher Unterland

Preparing an inhabited maisonette apartment for the selling process - portfolio and viewings.

Creating more space in all rooms by sorting out items, repairing small damages, and painting parts of the apartment.

Highlighting the beautiful features of this home through the correct use of light, color, decorations, and positioning of furniture.

Staging for optimal portfolio pictures.

Project timeline: 3-4 weeks

Adding character to the wall decor of a new flower shop in Zürich Unterland

Interior design for a city apartment in Zürich

Moving to Zürich, a fresh start, into a modern and bright apartment.

Drawn to quirky, slightly different antique furniture, she wanted Eden Spaces to make a plan for thoughtful use of the spaces with new furnishings that fit together. And plants should definitely have a place in this new home!

Functional planning

Furniture planning and installation

Planning and selecting the plants.

Project timeline: 2 months

Re-design of a kitchen and new room layout

Interior Design & Styling

Functional Planning

Project timeline: 3 months

Interior Design for a beauty salon in Zürich

Interior Styling

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